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Galina Guidry, CFE
Galina is the President of ICAF Consulting with over 10 years of practical experience in performing operational assessments for various companies. Her portfolio of clients includes a vast array of industries, sectors and organizations (both foreign and domestic), which used to suffer from different financial and accounting issues. Galina offers subject matter expertise for contract & regulatory compliance, process efficiency, fraud education, and fraud prevention. She focuses on her clients' demands and finds the solutions that perfectly meet to their requirements.

Apart from her successful career, Galina is an active member of her social and home communities. She enjoys mentoring and teaching students how to think outside the box, effectively manage their time and optimize the results. She serves as a guest lecturer at the University of Houston and writes articles for national press.

Galina is an Olympic trained and former professional tennis star from Belarus. Her talent was recruited by the University of Houston Athletics: it was during those collegiate years when the Women's Tennis Team won the NCAA's Conference USA. It was a feat that had not been done prior, nor since.

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> 10 years experience in operational reviews, fraud investigations and internal controls assessment

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