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ICAF Consulting is a boutique global services provider, specializing in risk management, fraud investigations and managed cyber security services.

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Situation when we can help you
My numbers don't match and I suspect misappropriation;

My business is growing, and I need help in establishing a system of internal controls;

I have not reviewed my inventory (accounts payable, bank reconciliations, cash, etc.) in the last 12 months;

My business is supposed to have some cash sales, but for some reason it does not;

Cyber security scares me. I know I need it, but I don't know exactly what I need and how much it is going to cost me.

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Potential steps:
Report and recommendations

Data Analytics to identify patterns
How business owners lose money: true stories
Credit card tips example
a customer was charged $100 for a service and left a $20 tip. An employee then altered the numbers to show $80 charge for a service and $40 for a tip. Customers will not complain since the total amount charged is not changed. And business owners will not know about the $20 loss unless they a) have appropriate controls around the system settings or b) review receipts
Inventory example
a restaurant owner trusted his chef with inventory counts. Due to this unlimited trust, chef used the owner's products to run a successful catering business on the side
Vendor example
a vendor submitted the invoice #01 for the services provided. Next month the vendor submitted the invoice #02, and, in addition to these new charges, mixed in the charges for the services from the invoice #01
Cash sales example
cash-paying customers were not issued receipts. These cash payments never made it to the register, but instead ended up in cashier's pocket. Cashier was smart and only did this trick on items that were hard to count
Call us for free 30 minute consultation where we will walk through your case!
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Your numbers are not where you think they should be and you suspect misappropriation

You have more than one office and are tired of spending 24/7 in all locations

You want to ensure that your main business functions are adequately segregated
Call us if:
You want to open an office in a different country but unaware of the Anti-Bribery or Anti-Corruption laws

You have not reviewed your vendor contracts and related invoices recently

You received an email that said "Oops, all your files are now with us"
Call us for free 30 minute consultation where we will walk through your case!
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